Tekstforfatter: Jacob Krogvold
Komponist: Ole Petter Andreassen

Foolish boy. Foolish boy, you asshole. We’ll let you know, now
listen. Opinionated asshole, call a doctor, have a session, snip it
off, operation, in a basket, ring a doorbell, leave it like an orphan.

Baby, you keep calling her “baby”, but she hates it. You know what
to do. You can speak when you are spoken to. Moody, moody boy.

Moody fucker sitting on the edge … of the bed. Let me know is
the brainfreeze all around or is it in my head? Pretty animation,
excellent basslines, impossible numbers and Johnny used to work
on the docks. Moody boy. Oh boy, is it in my head? Baby, but she
hates it. Oh, I know that you are sorry, I also know that you are
going to be fine and I know you didn’t mean it, so I want to thank
you for giving me your time.