I don’t want your girl

Friend dont want her to

Be mine I don’t want to

Wait until relationships

Expires I don’t want your

Woman all the time you

Got no right to knock

My ambition I got the key

And it fits the ignition

Well your mama’s got

A new friend and

You feel uncomfortable

You feel decieved just

Because someone

Wants something from

Me take it from me I have

Given you a name


I will tell you no stories

I will mention no names

i ask for no confidence

I make no claims but

We’re taking your mama

And me we have the same

Question how hard can

It be?

Now I’m not a breaker of

Homes but I want to take

Her where she wants to

Go and

You are incompetent man

You are unclean you are

On a free ride to where

I should have

Been take it again take it

From someone who

Never knew shame

You can take it from me

Take it from a friend you

Have been told I have

Given you a name