Tekstforfatter: Jacob Krogvold
Komponist: Ole Petter Andreassen

I will roll these streets until I get old, look at me, here I go
I will write pages in italics and bold, what about? I don’t know

We’re getting used to it now,
we’re getting used to it now there’s no longer a rush,
We leave shit behind,
we leave shit behind and it’s never going to flush.

I will consume more than I can hold, will you help me carry?
If I don’t know how, then I can be told. What about? I still don’t

But we’re getting used to it now,
Hey you! Come on over, Give me a hand.
Carry that sofa all the way in.
It puts the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again.

Did I rise from my floor? Did I hear a sound? Was I looking for
more? Do I have the time?
Tomorrow I will decline. Oh, I will decide I don’t need this no
more. I will leave it behind. Leave it behind and get back om my
floor. Hey.

Here we are, now 3 good minutes, 45 seconds into the track. Am I
getting my message across or are you still not getting it? Oh, I feel
so free! (singer shamelessly steals a hook from Sabbath and continues
quoting lines from his favorite movies).