Tekstforfatter: Jacob Krogvold
Komponist: Henning Solvang , Jacob Krogvold

Lady Nina got her pants on.
Bought them at Miss Sixty,
Saturday, she came down
seeking good times and a dubious cavalier.

You, my friend, you’re looking handsome.
Think you know the game and how to play.
But oh, you’re not going there.
No. There will be no kissing on the pavement,
let me save you from embarrassment,

come with me, we will go drinking.
You and I. It is time
Oh the sweet intoxication.
A relief from your frustration.
It’s the Devil’s lubrication, baby.
I feel like it’s your obligation to come drinking.

Lovely Kim she hit the city.
Took a taxi all the way from home.
No-one looks hard,
no-one is dangerous where she comes from.

I can tell what is on your mind, boy.
Like I told you, she knows you know,
but ooh she won’t give you none.
No. You and her will not be sharing.

I mean just look at what you are wearing.
Oh, never mind, let’s go drinking.
Friend of mine. The liquid stimulation
is two thirds of the equation.
Forget your trials and tribulations, baby.
There will be no copulation, let us go drinking.

Everybody put your pants on.
Take a taxi, take the bus, come on.
You will find me somewhere
between the fridge and the stereo.
Shalala lalalalalalalalalala.
I had means of transportation
and I found myself in a taxfree- situation
and I believe this calls for celebration, baby,
It’s a dubious sensation! You and I.
Drinking. I require your participation.
You are a third of the equation. It is time.