My name is a machine

The machine of Oslo

I got the ticket I

Know where to go

Fast never slow

Come on and ask

Me I will tell you

So and now I’m pissing

Like a river but

In this city it does

Not even show because

My name is machine of

Oslo and I fall down cuz

I can take the blow my

Name machine the

Machine of Oslo I got

Your picture I think I’m

In love I could tell you

Stories oh I could tell

Them but you’ll only say

«I know» and oh machine

Is made out of gold but

In this city it does not

Even show because my

Name is machine of Oslo

And I fall down cuz I can

Take the blow

They call med cheat now

Did  they know? Somebody

Tell me now why they

Call me the machine of

Oslo somebody told

Them? Does it show?

Well are the kids allright?

Is the city on fire? I

Wanna be in the game

But I don’t wanna be it

It’s my hand I don’t

Wanna deal it alright is

The city on fire no the

Hills are alive with

Celibate cries aoh

Go fall down and take

The blow