Tekstforfatter: Jacob Krogvold
Komponist: Ole Petter Andreassen

I travel willingly along the path designed for me. Riding shotgun
with my head out the window like a dog. A keen eye for the
obvious as I share my observations via phone. I will keep what I
have found. One day I’ll have enough to go around and I will buy
your magazine. Bring it home and never read. Because I never
read anything, but I will buy your magazine. I have known some
beautiful men and got along with all of them. I am friendly, got a
gold star, got it twice. I fall down, and everyone I know is leaning
over my cold body with advice. Let me see what I got lying round.
I have just enough this time, yes I do! I will buy your magazine.
Shalala-lalala-ba-ba-buybuy. Never read anything.