Tekstforfatter: Lars Inge Lønning
Komponist: Lars Inge Lønning

Hey, folks! Shut up and listen to what I have to say!
Today I will tell the whole truth
’bout traditional food here in Norway!
Norwegian food tastes good
At least that’s what we think, my sweetness!
And if you don’t feel the same
I tell you: «Hah, I couldn’t care less!»
‘Cause baby, you may feel free to leave this room now
Or you may listen, as I carry on:

We eat a lot of fish, honey! Both Smoked, raw and rotten
And the taste of fish that’s been six feet under
Is not that easily forgotten!
But we also eat cheese from goats
And our smashed lungs and liver are famous
But one thing we don’t eat is:
Deep-fried anus!
Deep-fried anus, no, we don’t eat that!
Too much calories and too much fat!
That deep-fried anus tastes no good!
That’s why it isn’t amongst our traditional food, baby!

You may heard of LEFSE!
You may have heard of LOMPE!
But have you tasted the RASPEBALL
Also called KUMLE, KLUMP, KUMPE?
I recommend our herring. I recommend smoked ham
But the very best we can offer is head of lamb!

Head of lamb. Yes, we eat that!
Low on calories, not too much fat
But that deep-fried anus it tastes no good
That’s why it isn’t considered to be traditional food, baby!
Come taste our traditional food, people! It’s all for free
Try out the Norwegian way of cooking
Help yourself, folkens!
Now why are you calling us barbarians, baby?
Shut the fuck up, and eat your blood-pudding, BITCH!